Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Priority of Joy

Just wanted to share a quote from CJ Mahaney that I really got encouraged by:

And speaking of joy, I just now glanced at a Spurgeon quote displayed on my desk. It’s my daily reminder about the importance and priority of joy:

“Moreover, labor is easy to those of a cheerful spirit (rhea added emphasis); success waits on cheerfulness. The ones who work while rejoicing in God and believing with all their hearts have success guaranteed.”

My challenge each day is not so much working hard, but cheerfully working hard. If I understand Scripture accurately, I will not glorify God simply by working hard. To truly bring Him honor, I must labor with a cheerful spirit. Therefore, I must not only serve my family each day, but I must serve them with joy. I must not only prepare a sermon, I must do it cheerfully. I must not only labor faithfully in the church, I must do so happily. Merely working hard is not sufficient. It must be done with gladness. It is for my good and His glory that God has given this sweet command, ‘Serve the Lord with gladness” (Psalm 100:2).
What a great truth. Joy is not disjointed from service. To use a Piper-esque line: it’s a great day to fight for Joy.


Nikababes said...

hay ako no work. bum. lazy. idle. bad di ba?!

musta ka po? :) hey my blog is at na po.

polaris said...

hi niks! just got your email. yihee! hope to chat with you soon.