Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Coming Needy

I can approach Scripture sometimes in such a way that I have already concluded for myself what I am going to learn--looking for more validation than illumination. The truth has become common it is no longer yearned for.

Quite ironic, since all the world is searching for truth. It is the quintessential quest of mankind. Elusive as it may seem, the key to knowledge has been found. Yet for those to whom the "mystery hidden for ages" has been revealed, pricelessness has been reduced to novelty that wears away.

Help me remember, Lord, how valuable your Word is! Like a desert wanderer's hunger for an oasis, like a prisoner's hunger for his bonds to fall, may I long for it! May I come wanting for You and Your wisdom.

If in true poverty of spirit we go every morning to our Lord, as knowing not how to guide ourselves for this day; our eye constantly looking upward for direction, the light will come down. He shall direct thy paths...Let the will be kept in a quiet, subdued, cheerful, readiness, to move, stay, retreat, turn to the right hand or to the left, at the Lord's bidding; always remembering that is best which is least our own doing, and that a pliable spirit ever secures the needful guidance...No step well prayed over will bring ultimate regret. Charles Bridges' commentary on Proverbs 3:6, as quoted on the GirlTalk blog

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