Friday, October 27, 2006

Put on the day and wear it till the night comes

Woke up, it was a chelsea morning,
and the first thing that I heard
Was a song outside my window, and the traffic wrote the words
It came a-reeling up like christmas bells, and rapping up like pipes and drums

Oh, wont you stay
Well put on the day
And well wear it till the night comes

-From "Chelsea Morning", Joni Mitchell
It's been really hard waking up the last few days - the weather is definitely cooling down and even the sun is a little sluggish meeting the sky. It's quite a difference when the days are shorter, the nights longer.

On days like these, I find myself flooded by the cares of the day. Maybe it's not the traffic writing the words to the song in my head (although the beeping of the garbage truck does wake me up sometime), but the meeting at work, the to-do list that was left unfinished the other day, the stockpile of paper that needs to be sorted, and the laundry that still needs to be folded. In that moment in between wakefulness and sleep, I begin to think of what I need to wear, what I need to bring, what I need to plan, what I need to accomplish.

But, oh Lord, what I need is You! When the morning rushes in, help me run to Calvary and bask in the light of the gospel. Christ died to save sinners - of whom I am the foremost. What amazing truth I can look to, what cause to celebrate to battle my hesitation to "put on the day."

May forgiveness be the sun that drenches my heart's windows and wakes up affections for God! His mercies are new every morning! There is grace available. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is even now at work in the lives of God's people.

Today we get to live joyfully because of Christ's sacrifice. Today we get to anticipate His promise. Today we can know Him a little bit more. Today, we can give Him glory.


kurokurokoto said...

nag-post ka na rin!. ilang buwan ang lilipas, ilang linggo ang matatapos, ilang araw ang magwawakas bago natin muling masisilayan ang mga kuro-kuro ng isang polaris sa maryland. ;p

polaris said...

haha, thanks peps.

idagurl said...


polaris said...

awww...thanks ida!

kurokurokoto said...

happy birthday!


polaris said...

salamat peps!

Anonymous said...

staffworker here...

K said...

I find this very meaningful. Now that they said it, Happy (belated) Bday to you!


polaris said...

hey staffworker and k! thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. :)

kj said...

your posts are always inspiring.... post na uli ;)

polaris said...

thanks kaj! :)