Monday, April 02, 2007

The average's excellency

Can't compose music like Dylan's buckets
Or paint empyrean skies on paper packets.
Words to me have no Shakespearean flow;
My feet usually dance too fast, too slow.

Don't hold your breath for Galilean theories;
I can give you a fix of childish stories.
No Platonic arguments from my cognition;
My profile doesn't hold newsworthy recognition.

Is it a failure to be so average?
What if I told you I have some courage?
I want to be where I am meant to be
Even with no worldly greatness, I will not flee.

One's life doesn't consist in the abundance of his possessions
Instead, what does he live for? What is his passion?
Let me respond to one particular call
To make Christ my excellency, my life, my all.


sillyserious said...


and yet there is nothing average about making Christ one's all in all :) keep writing, polaris.

polaris said...

Thanks sillyserious!