Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where I was

i think this is missing a third verse, but here it is for now.

on a moving train
with jazz swirling in my head
people slowly filing out, some in
watching the world
from a 5'x4' window
as it passes by
with many mysteries

on a stiff chair
with my feet hanging off the edge
writing words down, some up
wondering about wonder
from a 5-inch pen
as it scribbles on
with no particular direction

-March 8, 2007


john said...

"...aaaaand we're back."

after all the cute emo kids are gone.

kurokuroko said...

you're engaged?!?!

Rhea Paredes said...

LOL - where'd you get that? No such luck - still disengaged. Haha.