Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh, loveless yawning has poured out

Yeah, I'm not sure what this song means just yet, except that the words exude melancholy. I was really intrigued by the song composition - an almost entrancing mix of vocals and piano. The artists have generously posted the song on their website.

Essie Jain

Oh, loveless yawning has poured out
While their understanding is not around

We've no way of asking the reason (the reason is not clear)
They have none
They've closed up the entrance
We see this every day

Feel all their covers
That haze the lights
What we'll discover
Has stolen lives

We've no way (to be sure) of thinking
The order (the order of things now) is chaos
They're hiding behind us
We see this every day

Holed into his life now
For the squeezing on the road
I am right behind you (x4)


Jam said...

Hi ate rhea. :) wlaa lang namiss lang po kita.

Sana bumalik ka na.:)

Rhea Paredes said...

awww... miss you to jam!!!