Monday, September 03, 2007

Tomorrow, I weep; Forever I will praise Him

(for Madonna)

Tomorrow I weep
For a stark reminder will be before me.
That your face I will miss,
Your smile I won't see

(But only for a while.)

Tomorrow I weep
For the bittersweet day,
The letter will become certainty
The Savior took you away

(To His loving arms.)

Tomorrow I weep
As memories fill our minds,
Stories of your joy, your love
And of Christ who is so kind

(He gave you so much peace.)

But forever I will praise Him
For your life well lived!
For glory has met you,
Purchased by Him you believed

(Who laid out the path of your life.)

Forever I will praise Him
For rewards you now reap.
You now see Christ face to face,
Your joy is now complete

(More joy than we could ever imagine.)

Oh, forever I will praise Him
Who made death a servant to His children.
Ushering them into His presence,
Bringing them into Heaven

(Where we will see you one day.)

Forever I will praise Him
Who takes away all pain,
Who wipes every tear-stained eye,
Who makes death gain.

(All because of Christ!)

Yes, forever I will praise Him!
That through tears we can rejoice
You are where we yearn to be
Hearing the Savior's voice.


Suzanne said...

You don't know me. A while back, I followed a link to your website from Madonna's. Today, I visited again to see this beautiful writing. You have ministered to me greatly as my desire is to be there with family and friends, but here is sit in Colorado, unable to be there in person to pay tribute to Madonna's precious life as well as praise God for saving her. Thank you. -Suzanne Craig

Rhea said...

Thank you, Suzanne. Thank you for your encouraging words. We went to the viewing today and came out so encouraged because there were so many people there that came to honor Madonna's life. Thank you for your love and care for Madonna and her family and friends. It is indeed such a blessing to be bound together by the Gospel.

I actually know of you and your husband - Jose and Matt were good friends of ours and they spoke highly of you. :)

Suzanne said...

Your brother...what's his name? You guys were friends with Matt! NOW I know who you are! :) Thanks for filling me in on Madonna's viewing. I appreciate it. I hope someone posts the memorial at CLC. I am still in touch with Matt here and there via AIM. You have a gift with your beautiful writings. -Suzanne

pao said...

this is nice. :) just dropping by, nice to bump into fellow christians in the blogosphere. :) i'll link you up, aight? have a blessed day!