Sunday, October 07, 2007

Soul's spoliarium

The spoliation of the soul comes uninvited
on days past midnight when energies leak
through tired frames and minds stretched vapid
bare, it is laid, revealed as weak

Plunder strewn across the scape now display
the once warriors now chaff-like at best
No cortege to wail distress, dismay
only God stands as witness

To strength drawn from drying wells of mortality
that is wielded with no medallions
forgetting true fountains abound in the Christ eternally
tried to fight the world's battalions

But no pity is reserved for the stricken, yet redeemed
For from the spoliarium the King takes his army
His eye is on the meek who cry for reprieve
The coliseum trains the Lord's mighty

Who now rends the vestment that protects in futility
and gains freedom, though unmerited
who appeals to the throne of glorious mercy
and relinquishes power to the Excellent

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