Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time for Non Sequitur #1

you know it's an interesting day when one of your favorite singer/songwriters recommends another singer/songwriter that absolutely reminds you of the former. meet sylvie lewis, recommended by sondre lerche. i'm waiting for her jazz album. or the day i become sondre and the faces down's roadie. maybe the jazz album.

my brother is wondering where i got the word "za." i played it a few times in scrabble and got some awesome points because of it. just imagine a double word score. better yet a triple letter score (i think it's kinda hard to land that one on a triple word score.) well, it was a fair question; because the online two letter word list said za is an acceptable scrabble word does not make it a real word. it could be onomatopoeic for all i know. google told me that it was the short for South Africa, or it signified a guild from Japan.

speaking of google, i still can't bring myself to use the calendar. one of these days i will give in, but just the thought that my blog/s, my email, my calendar, my search history, and potentially documents and to do lists could all be running through the same server-veins boggle me to no end. add the fact that i am now being advertised to in my native language (adsense makes too much sense). not that i am anybody, but the thought that someone or something from google headquarters knows me well enough is quite...a peculiar thought.

finally, why was i driven to write this? i could've just written this down in my journal, but i guess typing is faster. and since i'm making the effort, might as well publish it.


sillyserious said...

by all means, type and post ur thoughts, polaris! :)

Doug said...

"za" and "qi": the two most useful words in the english language.

Rhea Paredes said...

thanks sillyserious!

oh and doug, in a recent match, i believe xu has also proved to be useful. :) LOL.