Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cascade on through; the room still looks like you

"Stairs escalate, sidewalks promenade, as we cascade on through..."
- at least that's what I think Graig Markel says in Cascadia. Very clever. Not only did he use a beautiful sounding word as the title, but also, he didn't use it in the song.

Can I use a negative in the "but also" part of the previous paired conjunction?

Then there's William Fitzsimmons. There are times when I appreciate the lyrics more than the musical arrangement behind it, and then there are times when I'd rather have the notes than the words. In this case, reading
On a rack in a store for a discount price
But the color’s been changed to a black from white
Though the difference will prob’ly be lost on me
the room still looks like you
it's a mess and all the pictures on the shelf
are dusted off by someone else
we're holding out for you
covered in snow
we'll keep the lights on low
in the spring
we'll do this every year
'till Christmas finds you here
is not complete until you hear how it's sung.

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K said...

Rhea, and although it's been said many times, many ways...

Merry Xmas.