Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the half-heart's dilemma

still in progress. tried a more consistent meter for this one. i can't explain why on some lines it seems like it needs another syllable. hm.

in search for passion,
the half-heart leaves
and packs his bags
turns away and heaves.

the hollow burden
on his weak back;
he tells himself,
"it's the price of lack."

so The Weary scales
to peaks of cruel heights;
looks for passion
through the day and night.

atop the mountains
finds one not quite,
"see, but this will do"
if it mends right

but it rends instead
the half-heart breaks
false passion dies!
he mourns for its wake.

gathers the ashes,
tucks and adds tow,
the man bemoans fate
"it is all sorrow!"

wounded and broken,
all strength now spent,
regrets his life
of strive and lament.

pointless wilderness
encroached on him
stumbling, grasping,
his eyes growing dim.

his thought returning
"alas, tis all!
better fleeting
than no passion fall."

so again he trudges.
again he leaves
and packs his bags
turns away and heaves.


Otep said...

Hi - just bloghopped. You have a gift with the language. What else can I say - when there's something good, validate.

Rhea Paredes said...

Thanks for the validation, Otep! :)