Monday, February 25, 2008

Time for Non Sequitur #3

I mostly ramble these days.

So it seems like keeping myself subscribed to dormant blogs through Bloglines has paid off. Three friends have recently resurfaced.

Who's heard of the Hotel Cafe Tour before? Why didn't you tell me that such a thing exists?!

Traffic on Spout Run on the Parkway = < 20mph average on the drive to work.

Turns out, he's witty on (digital) paper too. This excerpt from a post last month made me laugh:

And while I also respect this as much as the next guy, sometimes it feels great to simply be silly and state for a fact that this is bad, this I good, without regard for explaining or defending your stance. That's the beauty of music and but also the source of years and years of our lives wasted on pointless discussions concerning the quality of a song X and the lack of quality of song Y.

Which is why I generally try to be a good boy and say Peggy Lee is my favorite singer rather than claiming she's the best singer ever. It keeps you out of trouble on late nights when you've no strength for such undertakings.

Sometimes though, I can't be bothered with diplomacy. So I throw it to the birds and claim to know with certainty what's good, bad and ugly. It feels great for a while but it's tiring for both yourself and everyone around you. Ultimately, it wears off fast and leaves you cold and unimpressed with yourself.

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