Sunday, March 02, 2008

If you had to sweep a crossing

A friend of mine emailed me this quote from CH Spurgeon:

"We must never think, because the particular work we have in hand seems to be insignificant, that therefore we cannot do it, or should not do it, thoroughly well. We need Divine help to preach aright to a congregation of one. If a thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well. If you and to sweep a crossing, it were well to sweep it better than anybody else...Know your work, and bend over it, throwing your heart and soul into it; for, be it great or small, you will have to praise God to all eternity if you are found faithful in it."


ris said...

hi buddy! :) just wanted to let you know that im still alive. hehe.

i'm here:

how're you doing?

wulfgar said...

'Preaching to a congregation of one.' Welcome to my world. :)

Pero tama ka. Ay, tama si Spurgeon pala. Kailangang maging faithful sa task at hand. Pero pramis ang hirap kasi bilang tao naghahanap ka ng affirmation or results that tell you you're on the right track. Eh pano kung wala? Ehehe.