Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Time for Non Sequitur #4

So I'm really struggling with this "segmented" blog (I generally try to post in the four categories you see in the sidebar) because my life isn't segmented, but I didn't really want to blog about my life, so oh well. Let's see if this blog ever arrives at a v1.4.

Anyhoo, I felt cool today (operative word is "felt")because I totally enjoyed this presentation on Coda by Cabel Sasser. (Thanks for the link J8ke!) I thought this was interesting because I am not a mac user nor do I really qualify as a geek. I liked hearing about the process they went through in building it, the agonizing over icons, and some visionary stuff talking about "resolution independence".

So I shuffled over to his blog that references the World's Happiest Mario. It made me really happy.

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my oldest ache said...

hi rhea! before i relaunched my blog, i was thinking of "segmenting" my blog, too, (more specifically, segmenting myself into a couple of blogs) because, while my life is not segmented, my mind is. :) but i tend to write long posts, so i'm sticking to one for now. was hoping to try to write in Filipino.

great to hear from you! you should meet my children! :)